As the saying goes, you only get one shot at a first impression. In this technological age, job applications have been tailored to reveal key elements about you before they ever put a face to the name.

This doesn’t have to work one way however, you can use this to your advantage and impress before you ever step foot through the door for an interview.

We have highlighted some key elements in order to dazzle your future employer before you even apply for the job.

Don’t Rush

If you’re urgently looking for a new role, just trawling through job sites and spamming out the applications can seem like a sensible idea.

Whilst you may get lucky, you’re also going to waste a lot of time. Impersonalised applications tell an employer that you don’t care about the role and will often go unnoticed.

Instead of firing out 10 general applications, take your time and send 5 tailored applications in order to stand out and really target your employer; showing them you take this seriously.

Taking your time will also allow you to check your spelling, grammar or any other mistakes that may have made their way into your application.

Sell with Experience

A huge part of your application is backing up your skills with experience. From an online application to your LinkedIn profile, have the details of relevant experience ready to go.

Keep this factual, it doesn’t have to be vague or in depth. If you got promoted, volunteered for further training, received an award or entrusted with specific tasks, make it clear.

Employers aren’t out to look for faults. They are looking for extra skills that make your stand out and make you the most employable applicant; this is your chance to show them.

Use Their Language

Treat your application like an exam question. Your employer has used certain phrases or key words used on purpose.

Use your applications to answers why you match these phrases or specific terms in order to indicate you’re a perfect fit for this role.

This can help you reference relevant experience and skills you have, and you can use the key words used as a framework for you application.

Show Your Best You

In the age of social media, it can make or brake your career.

In terms of LinkedIn, ensure your profile picture shows you, only you to avoid confusion, and looking presentable. It seems obvious but its an easy way to either make a professional impression or a bad one.

In terms of the rest of your social media, it’s always advised to keep everything private, turn on tag approval and keep only ‘acceptable’ images visible.

This doesn’t mean you have to appear as some dull shell of a human with no personality, just keep it appropriate.

Showing your personality and interest on social media can be a huge advantage, just maybe keep the Ibiza photos private…

Be Easy to Contact

Not only is to crucial that your contact information is included, but triple checking that your phone number and email address is correct ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Directing the employer to your details either on a cover letter or application gives the employer the choice to contact you to discuss the role further and shows your enthusiasm for the position.