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How to Know if it Really is Time to Quit Your Job


There’s a reason that Should I Stay or Should I Go from The Clash is such a popular song: it speaks to all of us about something. We’ve all been trapped in those situations — whether professional or personal — in which we’re not quite sure what the best step is to take and whether or not we should sit tight or move on. These positions are incredibly complicated because they lead us to second guess ourselves, with our true feelings becoming hidden beneath a deluge of rumination and worry. For many of us, this situation often snowballs out of control and leads to us burning out. The cycle of questioning is exhausting: Am I bored with my job? Is

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6 Job Hunting Tips for Legal Candidates


Finding the next promising job opportunity can be difficult. And in today’s marketplace, that’s putting it extremely lightly. There’s just so much to consider: salaries, working conditions, locations, prospects for the future, colleagues, etc. The complexity of the decision is only amplified further in the legal world, where professionals have studied long and hard to secure the best position possible. When you do find that remarkable opportunity, though, it’s a special moment. Everything seems to line up and you charge headlong into making it yours. And if all goes well, you secure the role and things turn out exactly how you imagined they would. To help you realise this vision, we’ve put together six job hunting tips that legal professionals

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How to Write A Cover Letter That Effortlessly Persuades Employers


You’ve found the ideal role. Your CV is polished to perfection, includes all of the appropriate keywords, and has been formatted perfectly. Now all that’s left is to write a cover letter. But the inspiration to write something creative and original just isn’t coming to you. You’re certainly not alone. The cover letter is one of the trickiest parts of the job application process to get right. In just a few hundred words, you’ve got to present yourself and your experiences to an often complete stranger while persuading them you’re the ideal candidate they’ve been looking for. All this stress surrounding the cover letter can quickly make you lose perspective. But at the end of the day, it’s a letter

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What to Do When it is Time to Leave Your Job


There are countless reasons a person might decide to leave their job. A change of location, a significant life event, a new professional opportunity, or dissatisfaction with an existing job; these are just some of the most common reasons that people sign their resignation papers and enter a new stage in their professional and personal journeys. The reason may be clear and simple, however, the build-up to actually making it happen is often anything but. It can be prefaced by hours of worry and second-guessing that results in lots of stress and anxiety and even stretches the decision phase out for months, if not years. This is why it’s so important that once your mind is set, all that should

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4 Ways Professionals Build An Online Network


The size and quality of your professional network is often claimed as the single biggest factor in determining how successful your career will be. What’s strange, then, is that, other than plonking up a bog-standard website and occasionally handing out a few business cards, most people put little effort into actually building one. Put these four methods into practice today and build an online network that any professional at the peak of their career would be proud of. 1. LinkedIn Groups Having a LinkedIn page is a must for any professional today. But if you want to get noticed and become a thought leader in your space, then being an active member and even moderator in a LinkedIn group is

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4 Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting A Career In Accountancy


We all have things we wished we knew before setting out on a new path. For me, the one that stands out most is not knowing Spanish before I moved to Spain. What makes it worse is that I could have studied Spanish at school and at least have had the basics mastered before I arrived. But the real kicker is that the language I chose to study instead was French. French. I didn’t, and still don’t, have any intention of ever going to France or speaking French ever. But let’s stay on topic here. The point I’m getting at is that it always pays to be in the know before make any major life change. And so, whether you’re

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Legal Salary Survey 2018


We are aware that firms are keen to offer competitive salaries to successfully attract talented individuals. We are regularly asked by clients for up to date salary information in order to maintain their desired position in the market place. With this in mind, we would be grateful if you could spare the time to provide us with some information regarding the salary structure within your firm, and in return, we will provide you with a copy of our updated salary survey, once we have collated and analysed the information received. Law firms, please click here Legal professionals, please click here. Your help with this is appreciated! Hopefully this will enable you to gauge how competitive your current remuneration levels are and

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The Tricks Businesses Use To Hire The Best Candidate For The Job


You want to find the perfect job, and businesses want to hire the perfect candidate. It seems obvious, then, that by looking into the modes and methods of recruitment and hiring managers, you’re much more likely to get what you want. The problem is, it’s not always so clear as to how businesses choose the best candidate for the job. Let us pull back the covers and give you an insight into some off the tricks that many of them keep hidden up their sleeves. 1. Referral Networks Many open positions are filled by people who came onto the radar via an employee referral. These can be referrals of internal staff or external candidates, and, if hired, often lead to

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3 Strange Questions To Help You Find Your Ideal Job


There’s the typical questions you ask yourself when choosing a new career or deciding on a new job. Things like what you like doing, where you want to work, where you can see yourself in ten, twenty, fifty years time. Such questions are incredibly useful, and by asking them you can gather up a lot of valuable information. But by design, they only get at what you’re thinking on the surface, and as a result, only bring back superficial answers. When trying to find your ideal job, you need to tap into your real intrinsic, wants, motivations, and desires. And to do so, you need to delve deep into your psyche through by using much more piercing and thought-provoking questions.

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4 Winning Interview Tips To Ensure You Get Hired


Learning you haven’t got the job you wanted so badly, or not even being notified, is never hard to take. Particularly when you thought you aced the interview and were a perfect fit for the role. The thing is, though, as staged meetings that are filled with tension (on both sides of the table), interviews are incredibly tough to get right. And with our increasingly technological world and high pressure to not just land a job but get the perfect one for you, it’s no wonder candidates often fail to hit the mark.  It makes sense, then, to be prepared and do you homework before an interview. This means not just stocking up on interview techniques and self-esteem tips; but

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Stands Out


On average, it takes about six-seconds for recruiters and hiring managers to decide if a CV is a yes or no. Yet, most of candidates’ time and effort when applying for a job is spent on tiny details and information deep into the page — things that recruiters wouldn’t even care about if they even saw them. If you want to even have a chance in getting hired, then, at least eighty percent of your time and effort should be instead spent on how you’re going to grab their attention and make a great first impression. That means not sending over a three page solid block or writing in an unreadable font, but rather valuing employers time and energy and

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3 Tips For Writing The Perfect CV


Imagine having to sift through mounds of the same, boring, poorly written C.Vs, day in and day out. With a significant decline in C.V quality and a huge increase in competition, this is the reality of what hiring managers and recruiters have to put up with when they’re at their desks. Make sure your C.V is not one that makes them sigh and attract more interviews with these three tips for writing the perfect C.V. 1. Personalise to Fit The Industry And Role The vast majority of C.Vs and applications and generic and largely the same, yet the types of jobs and people in the world couldn’t be more different. When we try and fit our personalities and experience into

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