5 rules for law job hunting success


5 rules for law job hunting success

Posted on 28 July 2021

Thanks to the internet, the job hunting landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. That being said, though, many of the core rules in how to go about landing a new job have very much stayed the same.

Although many of these rules apply across fields and industries, some are more pertinent to lawyers, solicitors, and anyone seeking a role in the legal world than others. With that in mind, here are five of the top rules you should stick to for law job hunting success.

1. Know What You Want

In many ways, using a recruiter is like the bow that will get you to your target. But if you don’t have a target, how will they know where to aim at?

Setting well defined career goalsis therefore the first priority in successful law job hunting. From working out your principles and ethics to deciding on your preferred work environment and financial requirements, know what you want and you will be a huge step closer toward getting it.

2. Always Be Ready

With every job today receiving more applications than ever before, the early bird really does catch the worm in the law job hunting environment.

If you’re available and ready to make a transition, and you catch an opportunity before it reaches the masses, then, your chances of actually getting it increase ten fold. Many law firms want to fill a position quick, but they also want to find the right person — if you can give them both, then you’re on to a winner.

3. Be Persistent But Creative

Fortune favours the brave, but it doesn’t matter how brave you are, if you’re not persistent, then an employer may just well forget about you.

Being persistent doesn’t mean you have to be over-keen and annoying, though. For instance, you could keep in touch with your target company bywriting an engaging articleand sharing it with them, or by being engaged in certain events and activities that they also attend or are associated with.

4. Stay Flexible In Your Search

It’s no secret that job hunting is a lot about who you know. And for that reason, you don’t want to limit yourself to conventional means of finding roles.

That next opportunity for a new job could come up anywhere, from a recommendation by a friend to someone you meet at a conference. Whereas the application route is well defined and formal, finding the actual role is often anything but.

5. Bring in The Professionals

You’re an expert in law, not job hunting. So it makes sense to seek out theresources, contacts, and expertise of a recruiterto make sure you find the right role and make the best of your experience.

What’s best about a recruiter is that they will save you tonnes of time and allow you to focus your efforts on presenting yourself and coming across in the best possible manner — increasing your chances of landing your ideal role even more.

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