3 pre-applicaiton tips for landing your ideal job


3 pre-applicaiton tips for landing your ideal job

Posted on 25 August 2021

​Landing your ideal job starts long before the application process and interview stage.

It hasn’t always been that way; In the age of information and social media, barriers that previously stood in the way of candidates interacting and finding out about companies have recently all but disappeared.

This is good news for job seekers, and ever better news for those whom have a crystal clear picture of what career and role they are looking for.

So, with your target company and role in mind, a strong C.V, and a recruiter on hand (if you want to boost your chances even further), here’s three pre-application tips for making sure you land your ideal job.

1. Nurture Relationships Early

It’s surprising how many people expect a company to hire a complete stranger with who they have no knowledge of or have had no previous communication.

The majority of new hires are internal or people they know, whether that be because they’re close friends or just a very weak connections. Luckily, with most businesses and managers being active on social media nowadays, it’s easer than ever for newly qualified candidates who are complete strangers to make themselves known.

An insightful comment on a LinkedIn post, a share of an article they tweeted, or a simple email exchange asking for advice can all work wonders for building some pre-applying rapport. If they don’t, you’re at the very least building up your network — and who knows what that could lead to.

2. Be Frank and Open About Your Career

Most people, including hiring managers and recruiters, don’t ever know what they want to do when they’re in their forties, fifties, or sixties. Yet when you’re in job applying mode, candidates fall into the habit of talking like they know exactly where they’re going.

Employers don’t like vague applications, so that won’t help you in landing your ideal job. However, it’s one thing to be vague and another to be realistic and honest. Showing on your LinkedIn profile and C.V that you have a goal and an idea where you’re going, but that you’re also open to taking risks and are most concerned with skill development and delivering value, then, will help you come across like a real, open person.

When you have the right attitude, know what skills you want to develop, and you’re not disillusioned by the idea of “the one perfect job”, you become a much more attractive candidate.

3. Research The Company Inside Out

The internet is a blessing for any savvy job seeker who learns how to use it. Look what you’re doing now: reading an article on tips for landing your ideal job.

But where the internet really shines is not in blog articles but in researching and finding everything out you can on the company for which you’re interesting in working. With just a simple search you can find out about their projects, history, management, stakeholders, personalities, drivers of key individuals, and favourite foods (maybe that’s a bit too far).

Other than going directly to their website, LinkedIn is one of the best places to research companies and the people that work for them. Some companies ever share information on their culture and what they want from candidates — what better way to learn how to land a job with them

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