4 harmful job seeking habbits to get rid of today!


4 harmful job seeking habbits to get rid of today!

Posted on 25 August 2021

Looking for a new job can quickly become a chore. Day in day out you go through the same routine, checking the same job boards, sending the same messages, and getting the same responses or outcome.

When you fall into such a rut, it can seem like you’ll never get out of it and land the job you want. However irrational it may seem, it can feel like the truth. If this sounds familiar, it may be the sign you’ve fallen into relying on a number of common and yet harmful job seeking habits.

See if you’re committing some of these mistakes with our round up of four harmful job seeking habits that you need to get rid of today.

1. Spending all your time on applications

It makes sense as the application is what translates into the most direct results. But in reality, it’s only one part in a much larger game, and you’ve got to play all of it to stand a chance.

Instead of spending eighty or ninety percent of your time trolling job boards and submitting applications, you want to spread it out more evenly over areas such as research, report building, and lead nurturing. This is where the expertise of a recruiter really comes in — their job is to be the bridge that helps you create a relationship with employers long before other candidates are even on their radar.

2. Relying on being a fast learner

It’s a highly desirable trait when it’s actually true, but all too often it’s used by candidates that lack the expertise for the position for which they’re applying and are trying to fight too high above their weight.

Unless you’re applying for an entry level or graduate position, then, ditch the habit of saying you’re a fast learner and move the focus to what you know, or, better yet, the solid experience that demonstrates how you picked up new skills quickly in a similar environment.

3. Being overly confident or pushy

It’s true that employers are busy and sometimes all they need is a little reminder that you exist. But there’s a fine line between keeping on their radar and becoming the overeager, annoying candidate.

You want employers to remember you for the right reasons. So following up applications or conversations with a thank you note that doesn’t ask or demand anything in return is your best bet. Employers have little time as it is, and a friendly message that reinforces how nice is was to meet them and how excited you are to work with them can help keep you in the loop while also brightening up their day.

4. Using the same C.V for every job

Everyone knows this is a harmful job seeking habit, but still, whether due to time constraints or a lack of creativity, many candidates often use the same C.V for every single job they apply for.

A generic, untailored C.V is an employer’s first sign that the candidate isn’t dedicated to the role. it also shows a lack of awareness in terms of how to communicate with people in an honest and thoughtful way.

On top of that, when you send a C.V that isn’t tailored to a particular job and company, it’s a demonstration of careless personal marketing. You don’t have to change the whole thing every time you apply for a job, but just by making little tweaks and personalisations to your C.V here and there, you give of the impression that you respect the employer as well as yourself.

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