5 reasons to use a recruiter to land your next job


5 reasons to use a recruiter to land your next job

Posted on 25 August 2021

It’s a process that will influence your career and the rest of you life. Yet when finding a job, the most a lot of people do is dedicate a small portion of their spare time to scouring job boards and mindlessly sending out applications.

There is both good news and bad news about this. The bad news is obvious — people simply don’t have enough time for job hunting, never mind learning how to properly search and apply for roles. The good news is that there is another way – using a recruiter. And, as most people don’t bother and stick to the lengthy and tedious route, it can help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd and get you that ideal job in no time.

There’s a lot to be said on the subject, but here are five of the top reasons to use a recruiter to help land your next job.

1. To build report

Finding a new job is just like starting a new relationship. And so, it always help to from the start have report and shared interests in order to get the ball rolling.

A recruiter not only has long term relationships with many of their clients, they’re also well versed in the art of communication. Candidates often have little time for report building with potential employers and nurturing leads, and yet this can be the crucial difference in landing a role and being forgotten.

2. A Human Touch

Over recent years, the job searching process has become almost entirely digital. Unsurprisingly, however, employers and candidates still much prefer dealing with people over machines.

Digital communication and AI have their place, but they should only support and not replace the human element. This is ever true in recruiting as it’s all about people — it’s essentially match making between individuals and businesses. A recruiter can thus be the human element between that brings a warmer and more natural feel to the whole process for both parties.

3. Knowledge and experience

The market is constantly changing, and navigating it on your own, especially after years out of job hunting, can be an arduous and discouraging task.

A recruiter not only has experience in report building and landing roles, they’re also experts when it comes to providing reassurance, advice, and insights to job seekers. For instance, often candidates come to a recruiter with a hazy vision of what it is they want. A recruiter can help to refine such unclear ideas and line up opportunities candidates didn’t even know they wanted.

4. A Much Broader Network

Despite social media allowing us to feel like we’re connected to the whole world, most peoples’ private network is limited to a few hundred people at most. And even if you know more than that, it doesn’t come close to matching the reach and connections of a recruiter.

What’s more, as recruiters dedicate themselves to job hunting and nothing else, the connections they do have are often long term and built on trust. Through supplying companies with great candidates, it’s a win-win situation — win-win-win, as you can also benefit from such quality networking.

5. To Save Time & Effort

Much of the pain of finding a job is in the hours of time you spend browsing the web, scouring job boards, and applying for roles that may not even still be open.

It’s because of this that one of leading reasons to use a recruiter is for a much more efficient and much less time intensive job search. A recruiter finds you roles, deals with all the admin, and also manages all the communications, schedules interviews, and makes the process a whole lot more fruitful and easy for you.

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