The tricks businesses use to hire the best candidates for the job


The tricks businesses use to hire the best candidates for the job

Posted on 25 August 2021

You want to find the perfect job, and businesses want to hire the perfect candidate. It seems obvious, then, that by looking into the modes and methods of recruitment and hiring managers, you’re much more likely to get what you want.

The problem is, it’s not always so clear as to how businesses choose the best candidate for the job. Let us pull back the covers and give you an insight into some off the tricks that many of them keep hidden up their sleeves.

1. Referral Networks

Many open positions are filled by people who came onto the radar via an employee referral. These can be referrals of internal staff or external candidates, and, if hired, often lead to some sort of reward for the referee.

Because of this system, employees are much more likely to refer top talent to their companies, resulting in a positive outcome for all parties. Hiring candidates who also have already have a connection to the company, however slight, is also a good way companies foster a healthy and tight-knit culture.

2. Soft Skills

Someone who may appear on paper and in person like the best candidate for the job, in reality, is often far from it. This is because, whereas hard skills like programming abilities and familiarities with certain systems can be learnt, soft skills, like curiosity, creativity, and an innate drive to learn, are much more difficult to develop.

As such, when in the recruitment process, businesses have much more success with new hires if they look past the list of qualifications and competencies and find people who also have the right soft skills and mindsets. Particularly today, managers want to find people who can innovate, adapt, and collaborate effectively — all things that often can’t be taught.

3. Recruitment Agencies

Businesses know they’re only going to hire the best candidate for the job. But when they use a recruiter, they find exactly who that person is faster, with much less effort, and, as a result of the two, for a fraction of the cost.

Recruiters have a solid record of only bringing candidates that meet the job specifications and who are great fits for roles. This means businesses are much more likely to trust and rely on them to fill their vacancies. And not to mention ,using a recruiter also frees up internal hiring managers to focus on doing more important tasks, leading to less wasted time and, again, more money saved.

4. Throwing Out Old Ideas

Businesses that are unable to attract top talent often believe in outdated ideas that have no place in the modern day. And those that do manage to hire the best candidates have often thrown away these ideas and are operating on a new, updated system.

Some of these old ideas include thinking that young candidates and those with grand ambitions will leave in a few months or years for something better. But modern businesses know that by taking on such people, they can nurture their talent and use it to gain a competitive advantage over more traditional thinkers.

Another outdated idea is thinking that people who lack certain attributes cannot learn and develop them on the job. Leading businesses today invest heavily in training and so if they find the “right” people with right qualities, they have no excuse not to hire them.

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