Interviews are never a fun experience. They can feel like a minefield of nerves and panic as you try to communicate that you are in fact not a stuttering maniac, but rather perfect for this job.

Keeping your cool in these situations isn’t always easy to do when you’re trying to convince your potential employer you’re a match for them.

But fear not, we have put together a quick list of tips to keep in mind when you’re in the hot seat for a new role.

The first handshake

Don’t waste your first impression. Go in appearing calm and confident, even if you’re not.

Initiate the handshake if its possible, this helps you appear confident and prepared for the interview ahead.

Try to avoid clammy hands, stand up if you were sat waiting your your interviewer, look them in the eye, greet them with a smile and go in for a firm handshake.

A weak handshake can appear weak or uncertain however, if you grip overly firm it can come across aggressive. A standard ‘firm’ middle ground is ideal to show confidence.

Mirror Your Interviewer

When done subtly this can be a useful way to suggest that your interview is going well.

From expressions to tone of voice and how they are sat, all these unconscious moves that your interviewer is making, can work in your favour if mirrored correctly.

When used sparingly, mirroring behaviour indicates calmness, confidence and that your communicating effectively.

When used in combination with confident posture and a genuine interest and focus on the conversation, you will leave a positive lasting impression.

Speak up

You could be saying all the right things and answering every question perfectly, but if your monotone or quiet you can ruin a great interview.

A huge part of body language is the language part.

What you say needs to work in conjunction with how you move in order to present yourself in a certain way.

If your painfully quiet you can seem shy or nervous, to loud and you seem obnoxious and rude.

If your monotone, you can bore the person listening and they won’t retain any information from your dialogue.

A combination of a variety of tones of voice, hand gestures and matching the volume of your interviewer is the ideal mix in order to communicate effectively.

Hand gestures can frame what you’re saying and keep the focus on you as you dazzle your interviewer with riveting conversation.

Look Comfortable

Even if you’re not, looking comfortable will help you behave this way when you’re feeling the pressure.

Not to be misconstrued for slouching or kicking off you shoes as you walk in, but by unclenching your fists, jaw or anything else your stress levels have a firm grip of, you can convince yourself your calm and therefor, your potential employer.

You always want to appear open and honest, so refrain from crossing your arms as its associated with defensiveness or being unapproachable.

Also biting nails, pointing and waving your hands around can be deemed distracting or aggressive and will not paint you as the clam and collected recruit they’re looking for.