On average, it takes about six-seconds for recruiters and hiring managers to decide if a CV is a yes or no.

Yet, most of candidates’ time and effort when applying for a job is spent on tiny details and information deep into the page — things that recruiters wouldn’t even care about if they even saw them.

If you want to even have a chance in getting hired, then, at least eighty percent of your time and effort should be instead spent on how you’re going to grab their attention and make a great first impression.

That means not sending over a three page solid block or writing in an unreadable font, but rather valuing employers time and energy and giving them exactly what they want quickly and clearly.

Learn to do just that with our three tips to help you write a cover letter that stands out and is sure to get the job offers pouring in.

Ditch The Buzzwords

Every employer wants a hard worker, and any candidate can say they work hard. So when you use such descriptive words on your application, recruiters and hiring managers tend to quickly glaze over and move onto the next candidate.

Rather than peppering your C.V with buzzwords like hardworking, team worker, and quick learner, employers want to see these attributes demonstrated by quantifiable results. Emphasis should be on not what you’ve done, but the value you’ve delivered — whether that be a promotion, revenue growth, or other positive impact.

A Little Ingenuity

When you read the same old cover letters every day, a little ingenuity and creativity goes a long way in making you stand out.

Such ingenuity was what a young accounting and finance student showed recently, when, after not receiving a single response from over a hundred online job applications, went and stood with a sign that read ‘Aspiring accountant. Looking for entry level job. Ask for CV’ and a pile of printed off C.Vs at Liverpool Street Station in London.

Within a few hours, he’d given out nearly all of his C.Vs. The next day he was called into interview and soon after received a job offer and started his new role.

The point here is not to ditch the digital method, but that sometimes it takes a bit of out-the-box thinking to write a cover letter that stands out and peak recruiters’ interest. And there’s nothing like a bit of novelty and creative thinking to make someone pay attention.

Recruit The Experts

There are many tricks and tips to help craft the perfect C.V and write a cover letter that stands out. But if you want to get hired for the perfect position, sometimes you need to call in the help of experts who are trained to do exactly that.

By working with a recruitment agency or consultant, you get access to leading CV advice, a marketing specialist who can sell you, expert coaching advice for interviews, and an unrivalled ability to negotiate.

These are some of the things that many candidates simply don’t both with, and thus are what will ultimately make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd and get noticed.