CRA TV – Your Ultimate Career Guidance Suite

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CRA Consulting have a very unique offering in terms of CRA TV, a video based, career guidance software package unique to CRA, and completely free and flexible for all our candidates and clients. CRA TV has been featured by the BBC, Daily Mail and Management Today and is recommended by the leading career websites as well as being used by government departments, councils and top universities and colleges. CRA TV For Candidates The films and resources on this site are designed to not only help you get the career you want but to then perform to your very best in your chosen vocation. We believe this is the ultimate resource for anyone involved in career transition. Included are hundreds of

CV Preparation

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Writing an effective Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first stage in the process of seeking a new position.  Your CV is often the very first impression an employer has of you and is vital in achieving that important next stage – the interview. A CV has to be written to meet the requirements of the reader. i.e. the person or organisation responsible for the recruitment. That person will have limited time availability, so that your CV must be user friendly; in effect it must: Be easy to read and simple to understand Have impact and not contain waffle or unnecessary information Convey concisely the key characteristics of you and your experience Be written in the third person and avoid the

Salary Survey

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Client or Candidate, if you would like the latest salary and benefit information for your organisation or job, for reference, benchmarking or as part of your recruitment process or career move please complete the form to access this information from CRA Consulting. We build ongoing and productive relationships with clients in the long term, but never overlook the importance of fast and effective solutions in the short term. If you would like an in person consultation or an informal chat about your exact requirements get in touch today we welcome any enquiries. Please complete the form to access this information from CRA Consulting.

Newly Qualified Candidates

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CRA Consulting specialise in recruitment across the legal and financial sectors at all levels, temporary, permanent and interim roles. We have a dedicated team which includes experienced financial and legal professionals who draw on their own experience to recruit and assist newly qualified financial and legal candidates. Our team work closely with organisations like SIMA, AAT, ACCA and the Institute of Chartered Accounts as well as CILEx. This is to ensure we are able to source newly qualified candidates and properly assist and advise in progressing qualifications or a career or finding a first important role. We support our candidates with excellent career management advice and guidance and take time to understand both our clients and our candidates. Our services

10 Reasons to use a recruiter when seeking a new role

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The technological age has presented candidates with a broad range of different choices when seeking a new opportunity; this can be both beneficial but also overwhelming and confusing. With all these options candidates, may feel that there is enough resource available to manage the job search themselves. Obviously, being a recruitment consultant myself you may feel I am going to be biased, well yes, but with good reason. These are my top 10 reasons why using a GOOD; Legal Recruiter can add real value to your job search, and the best part is it's free to candidates: You will be in a smaller select pool of candidates – Agencies will only send over a limited number of candidates after paying careful

Why choose one recruitment partner when five cost the same?

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Recruitment companies work for nothing, right? They don't charge unless they find someone, right? If I have five of them searching for the same vacancy increases my chances of getting someone five times, right? It won't cost me any more than if I’d just used one, right? All very logical. Well, maybe it isn't quite as logical as you might think. Start by thinking about the firm of accountants your company uses. Would you consider asking five Accountancy Practices to work on your accounts and decide which one comes up with the answer you like best? Of course you wouldn’t. Why, then should recruitment be any different? The answer to some is that recruitment companies cost nothing until they produce

Transitioning into your Ideal Role

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The beauty of the industries we recruit within is the wide range of roles available. A change of career is very daunting, but here’s our advice on making that transition smooth. Reflect Ask yourself if money wasn’t an object, what would you be doing? Take notes of your interests and hobbies. Could you turn these into a role or part of a new role? Skills We fill our CV’s up with skill keywords but which ones do you truly feel fit you? Make a list, underline the skills you feel are the most relevant to a new role. Avoid words like hardworking and organised, every role will need these basic skills. Last Roles Look at your previous roles, what tasks fitted