What’s the best way to attract top talent to your law firm?

Arguably the best way to attract top talent to your law firm is to develop a strategic approach to recruitment that focuses on and effectively promotes your firm’s strengths, values, and opportunities.    This set of messages is sometimes known as your ‘employer brand’.  A compelling employer brand uses your firm’s values, culture, and reputation […]

How quickly can I progress from paralegal to training contract?

The harsh reality is there are simply not enough training contracts for the number of people who want to become solicitors.  As a result, many aspiring solicitors become paralegals while they either continue looking for a training contract or gain direct access to a training contract.  The question those considering the second option often ask […]

What are the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive?

Although the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive will depend on the firm or business they work for, the stage of their career they are at and where they are based, the most common benefits include: A competitive salary Lawyers and accountants tend to receive competitive salaries commensurate with their education, experience, and expertise. […]

Do legal recruiters offer in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice?

Legal recruiters offer both in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice.  As specialist legal recruiters, our only objective is to find you the role that suits you and your career plan best, the role that compliments your skills, experience and goals.  This could just as easily be in-house in industry or government as […]

Can lawyers move into different practice areas without experience?

While it is possible for lawyers to move into different practice areas without prior experience, it can be a challenge.  The reasons for this include: A lack of legal knowledge regarding the nuances of the new practice area.  This can be addressed through training and study, but this could prove time intensive.  It could even […]

Will you ever send my CV to a client without my permission?

It is rare – and, we guarantee, absolutely never happens at CRA consultants – but every so often an over-zealous recruitment consultant does send a CV to a client without permission even though they are not allowed to do this by law. As it is against the law, you are probably wondering why a consultant […]

Can lawyers still work from home?

The simple answer is yes, lawyers can still work from home.  The COVID-19 pandemic obviously forced most professions to recalibrate how they worked and rush in remote working arrangements to ensure the safety of both their employees and clients.  The necessity to do so has had a residual effect on the way we all work.  […]

What should I look for in a new employer?

When hunting for a new job, where you work is just important, if not more, than the specific role you’re doing. There are many factors to consider when changing roles that get overlooked by new employees which may result in it being a poor match and sending you back to square one; looking for a […]

How can I find the best job in the legal sector?

Thanks to the internet, the job-hunting landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. That being said, though, many of the core rules in how to go about landing a new job have very much stayed the same. Although many of these rules apply across fields and industries, some are more pertinent to lawyers, solicitors, and […]

What to do when its time to leave your job

There are countless reasons a person might decide to leave their job. A change of location, a significant life event, a new professional opportunity, or dissatisfaction with an existing job; these are just some of the most common reasons that people sign their resignation papers and enter a new stage in their professional and personal […]

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