Your Guide to Thriving as a Legal Locum

Considering a switch to the legal locum world but feeling uncertain about where to start? You’re not alone. Many legal professionals ponder the move, but questions about pay rates, contract length, and navigating between roles often cloud the decision-making process. Fear not, we are here to shed light on this career path. In this guide, […]

Key Career Planning Steps for Lawyers

Embarking on a successful legal career requires more than just earning a law degree. Lawyers must engage in strategic career planning to ensure they navigate the complex and competitive legal landscape. Whether you’re a recent law school graduate or a seasoned Associate looking to make a change, here are five essential career planning steps to […]

CRA Consulting welcomes new Account Manager

CRA Consulting is delighted to have appointed Alastair Pickford as the newest addition to our growing team in the role of Account Manager. With experience in both sales and financial administration, Alastair is set to bring valuable insights and expertise to our firm.

Embracing the power of youth: Why hiring young talent is beneficial in the legal sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of the legal sector, the integration of young talent offers a myriad of advantages that firms can harness for their growth and success. While experience is undeniably valuable, there is a distinct allure in bringing aboard fresh minds, eager to learn and innovate. Hiring young professionals in the legal sector presents […]

Why people are moving roles?

Throughout the course of the year in my opinion there has been a clear picture as to why people are moving roles, I have detailed below those 3 key reasons as well a little bit more information about what the market average is in respect of those 3 points. Progression and development opportunities This has […]

The Rise of Wills and Probate Jobs and Salaries in the UK

Introduction In recent years, the field of wills and probate in the United Kingdom has witnessed a significant surge in demand, leading to a remarkable increase in jobs and opportunities within this sector. This year, in particular, has seen a notable rise in the need for professionals well-versed in estate planning, will drafting, and probate […]

What’s the best way to attract top talent to your law firm?

Arguably the best way to attract top talent to your law firm is to develop a strategic approach to recruitment that focuses on and effectively promotes your firm’s strengths, values, and opportunities.    This set of messages is sometimes known as your ‘employer brand’.  A compelling employer brand uses your firm’s values, culture, and reputation […]

How quickly can I progress from paralegal to training contract?

The harsh reality is there are simply not enough training contracts for the number of people who want to become solicitors.  As a result, many aspiring solicitors become paralegals while they either continue looking for a training contract or gain direct access to a training contract.  The question those considering the second option often ask […]

What are the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive?

Although the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive will depend on the firm or business they work for, the stage of their career they are at and where they are based, the most common benefits include: A competitive salary Lawyers and accountants tend to receive competitive salaries commensurate with their education, experience, and expertise. […]

Do legal recruiters offer in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice?

Legal recruiters offer both in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice.  As specialist legal recruiters, our only objective is to find you the role that suits you and your career plan best, the role that compliments your skills, experience and goals.  This could just as easily be in-house in industry or government as […]

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