Graduate Roles

Graduate Roles

Working in the professional services or wider industry and commerce offers graduates a truly stimulating and rewarding career path. 

There are enormous opportunities for growth, learning, and development.  There is also the likelihood you will quickly be involved with projects that will make a real difference to your clients’ lives and businesses.

Ultimately, you should be in a position build your own business or career in the practice areas and industry sectors that interest you most.

If you feel all or any of the following describe the type of career that you’d like to develop following graduation, you should speak to the graduate specialists in our legal and financial recruitment teams:

  • You’d want to work with a wide variety to clients in different industries, sectors and walks of life

  • You want to make a real difference to these clients’ lives and businesses

  • You want to continue to learn and develop in a genuinely dynamic and challenging environment

  • You want to collaborate with equally talented professionals to deliver the best outcomes for your clients whilst improving your own knowledge and performance

  • You want to work in a genuinely entrepreneurial environment and engage with ambitious decision-makers to broaden your commercial acumen and understanding of business

  • You want to see a structured, rewarding, and attainable career path that will enable you to steadily increase your personal responsibilities and focus on the areas that interest you most

  • You want to develop a range of skills you could, if you feel it’s right for you, transfer to roles beyond the professional services

  • You want to develop a range of skills that could open up opportunities to work in other parts of the world

  • You want to enjoy what can often be a highly competitive compensation and benefits package

If these describe the career you want to build, we should talk.

Please get in touch with the graduate specialists in our legal and financial recruitment teams and we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet and start the ball rolling.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about the different graduate roles the legal sector offers, please use the link below.

Or if you’d prefer to find out more about the different accountancy and finance roles open to graduates, please use the link below.

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