Can lawyers move into different practice areas without experience?

While it is possible for lawyers to move into different practice areas without prior experience, it can be a challenge.  The reasons for this include: A lack of legal knowledge regarding the nuances of the new practice area.  This can be addressed through training and study, but this could prove time intensive.  It could even […]

Can lawyers still work from home?

The simple answer is yes, lawyers can still work from home.  The COVID-19 pandemic obviously forced most professions to recalibrate how they worked and rush in remote working arrangements to ensure the safety of both their employees and clients.  The necessity to do so has had a residual effect on the way we all work.  […]

How can I find the best job in the legal sector?

Thanks to the internet, the job-hunting landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. That being said, though, many of the core rules in how to go about landing a new job have very much stayed the same. Although many of these rules apply across fields and industries, some are more pertinent to lawyers, solicitors, and […]

How do you write the perfect CV?

​Imagine having to sift through mounds of the same, boring, poorly written C.Vs, day in and day out. With a significant decline in CV quality and a huge increase in competition, this is the reality of what hiring managers and recruiters have to put up with when they’re at their desks. Make sure your CV […]

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