Embracing the power of youth: Why hiring young talent is beneficial in the legal sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of the legal sector, the integration of young talent offers a myriad of advantages that firms can harness for their growth and success. While experience is undeniably valuable, there is a distinct allure in bringing aboard fresh minds, eager to learn and innovate. Hiring young professionals in the legal sector presents […]

Why people are moving roles?

Throughout the course of the year in my opinion there has been a clear picture as to why people are moving roles, I have detailed below those 3 key reasons as well a little bit more information about what the market average is in respect of those 3 points. Progression and development opportunities This has […]

What are the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive?

Although the main employment benefits lawyers and accountants receive will depend on the firm or business they work for, the stage of their career they are at and where they are based, the most common benefits include: A competitive salary Lawyers and accountants tend to receive competitive salaries commensurate with their education, experience, and expertise. […]

Do legal recruiters offer in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice?

Legal recruiters offer both in-house jobs as well as roles in private practice.  As specialist legal recruiters, our only objective is to find you the role that suits you and your career plan best, the role that compliments your skills, experience and goals.  This could just as easily be in-house in industry or government as […]

Will you ever send my CV to a client without my permission?

It is rare – and, we guarantee, absolutely never happens at CRA consultants – but every so often an over-zealous recruitment consultant does send a CV to a client without permission even though they are not allowed to do this by law. As it is against the law, you are probably wondering why a consultant […]

What should I look for in a new employer?

When hunting for a new job, where you work is just important, if not more, than the specific role you’re doing. There are many factors to consider when changing roles that get overlooked by new employees which may result in it being a poor match and sending you back to square one; looking for a […]

Is it time to leave my job?

There’s a reason that ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ from The Clash is such a popular song: it speaks to all of us about something. We’ve all been trapped in those situations – whether professional or personal – in which we’re not quite sure what the best step is to take and whether […]

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